Singer Duncan Mighty accuses wife, her family of plotting to kill him over properties

Singer Duncan Mighty Claims His Wife and Her Family Want To Kill Him

Popular singer, Duncan Mighty has accused his wife and her family of trying to kill him in a bid to claim his properties.

The singer took to social media with a shocking story of how he discovered their plan which was already in motion.

Read his post below.


On 23rd of March 2020, Vivien Nwakanma called me on phone on her usual way pouring showers of blessings on me with very deep gratitude than she has never been especially for putting smiles and shelter for her family. I w as overwhelmed. Immediately, I asked her to come over to my construction company for a gift because her gratitude was too emotional and touching. She drove down and immediately I surprised her with a building plan, land document and complete building materials ment to build a house for her family. She wept and brought out N20k and said to me, “use this money and buy cement add to the project”.


As soon as she wanted to leave she requested we should pass the night at my other apartments without the kids that she must confess that she never believed that after having 3 children she’ll be having a man who’s more crazy about her with that special attention every woman desires to have. I laughed hard and said to her. “until a woman gives birth she will never realize she is 700 more juicy and beautiful”.

Then I asked her “between now and when you’ve not given birth which is the best of you?” She and quickly NOW AND EVERYBODY IS TELLING ME honestly I must tell you that i never experienced fatherly care all through childhood yet even before I proposed to her I gave her quality education, then we moved to the apartment, immediately she called me closely and said I AM PREPARING MYSELF TO BECOME THE WIFE OF SERVANT OF GOD cuz it baffles me whenever I see unbelievable signs and powers you carry inside of you. Then I asked her, “please can you explain more to me what exactly are the power or signs you are talking about because me am not religious not to talk of being a prophet”. She answered me saying, some minutes immediately your son ICON was born you carried him up with your two hands facing heaven dedicating him to God declaring more than powerful blessings upon him. When I asked you why dedicating him so quick you laughed and said to me, it’s just a word of knowledge GOD gave me RELIGIOUS PEOPLE MOST ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS WILL WAIT FOR 3 MONTHS BEFORE DEDICATING AND RETURNING GODS GLORY OVER A NEW BABY, THAT SO MANY DON’T KNOW THAT SPACE OF 3 MONTHS NOT DEDICATING THE CHILD TO GOD ANY NEGATIVE OR GENERATIONAL AFFLICTION IN THAT FAMILY HAS ALL THE CHANCES TO AFFECT THE NEWBORN BABY, YOU CAN DO A CELEBRATION CEREMONY FOR HAVING A NEW BABY ANYDAY OF YOUR CHOICE BUT DEDICATING TO GOD WHO IS THE GIVER OF CHILD MUST BE IMMEDIATELY A CHILD IS BORN, it was a day like no other we had mad fun then we slept by 1:40am.

While asleep I was hearing Vivian’s voice panting like someone who is at gunpoint. I stood up and held her asking her what exactly is going on. She was still shaking with too much fear. I asked her if it was a nightmare she said no. I asked her again is there something about u which I don’t know she said hmmmmmmmnnn what about me is there not also something about u which I don’t know? I replied let me go straight to the point some old stories of me she quickly said to DON’T SAY 1ST LET ME TALK BEFORE YOU, I agreed she started first by saying, several agreed she started first by saying, several occasions in her family house, they’ll always talk about my too many properties and investments at this young age most especially being an only child imagine if anything happens to me that they will choose by themselves the property to inherit most especially her elder sister MARIA NWAKANMA and one day her Mom, her elder sister MARIA and her brother BRIGHT NWAKANMA in a meeting issued by VIVIAN herself they concluded on going for the highest Juju (witchcraft/voodo) to get a powerful charm as a spell to comand me to do whatsoever she askes me to do and a poison that will first shrink me for a year and then everyone will be saying is that am doing drugs or am infected with an incurable deases. So they went to 3 different fetish native doctors, dey did all the blood sacrifice required for it and brought the native doctor required for it and brought the native doctor to my house and buried 2 charms with a hidden coven she will be worshipping so that never on earth will anyone know what they’ve done and the native doctor told them this person in question is fetish he has many strange powers so go and get Duncans picture, boxers, sand from his bedroom and a chair, they now gave her a liquid poison to put in his food and batting water then finally after poisoning food and batting water for a month, any day he does any extraordinary thing that gives you more joy than ever make sure you both spend the night somewhere else without the kids in the midnight when he’s very deep asleep cut his nails both hand and foot bring it to the shrine that is the final stage of your sacrifice then your desires will come to a pass.


So as soon as I want to cut your nails different spirits of dead people came out started beating me saying that their names are GROUND AND EARTH that I must confess to you or I die this is all that happened. Immediately she finished confessing she got back herself and realized I was recording everything. She Started shouting at me asking me why would I record her it was already morning she left the room ran straight to the car and drove off with heavy speed. I called her on the phone and said am the person to get mad at you yet you walked out on me without a fight nor quarel no response immediately i drove behind her got the house ICON IS READY FOR COMPUTER CLASS I have to take him myself cuz it was getting late. While we got there COVID-19 PANDEMIC very first announcement made so we had to turn back getting to my house VIVIAN had parked everything belonging to her including Mitchell to an unknown destination, I called the mom and try to explain she shut me up immediately that I must have done the worst to vivian and I should not call her anymore, after all, a man like me trew her away for another woman, that’s how I became a single father days later VIVIAN called me and said to me. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IVE GONE OUT OF YOUR LIFE I DON’T WANT TO EAT WHERE I DID NOT SOW. NOTE EVERYTHING IVE SAID HERE HAS CLEAR EVIDENCE AND PROOFS.

That I must have done the worst to Vivian I should not call her anymore after all a man like me trew her away for another woman, that’s how I became a single father days later VIVIAN called me and said to me. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IVE GONE OUT OF PUBLIC UNTIL THE WORSE JUST HAPPENED AGAIN SO I AM WAITING FOR ANYDAY ANY OF THEM WILL CHALLENGE THIS WRITE-UP. THEN THE MOST SHOCKING SECOND EVIL OF VIVIAN AND HER FAMILY WILL BE UP HERE. (The Nation)





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